Nava Jyoti Scholarship

Over the past three decades Nava Jyoti Secondary School, Koteshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal, has been working on with the effort to provide quality education to the students from middle class, lower middle class and marginalized community of Nepal. It is a purely educational organization, conducted by private sector registered with Government of Nepal in 1981 A.D.

Now, it has been educating students from Pre-Primary to Plus Two (Grade Twelve in Computer, Accountancy and Hotel Management Subjects) under National Education Board, Government of Nepal.

It has successfully sent out the 24th SLC (school Leaving Certificate) batch. Till 2017 A.D. , one thousand and five hundred students have already passed the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) previously known as School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Board Examination with excellent score. Among them, more than hundred have become medical doctors, engineers and the rest are working successfully in different sectors of the country, in the social life as well as abroad.

Now, there are 800 students under class ten and similarly there are 100 in +2 students in this school in management stream. It has been providing them quality education at low cost. They are competent and they have been selling themselves comfortably in the competitive global market.

There are many students, they belong to poor and economically marginalized groups. Our school has been providing scholarship to ten percent students among them . They have been yearly benefited by equivalent US $ 19,9410.00. Excluding those, 11 needy and intelligent students are facilitated with the support by an organization and individuals. The number of the dropout is also remarkable. Many intelligent and bright students could not continue even to the SEE level, either they drop forever to formal education or change to the school which has no educational standard. Thus, so many intelligent children have been losing their future in Nepal.

Dam-Madhur Scholarship

Madame Sthitie Bom and Mr. Andrew J. Gesell, Senior Vice- President, Bank Cherokee, United States established “Dammadhur Scholarship” in the name of Late Mr. Daman Bahadur Bom and Mrs. Madhuri Bom in 2015 A.D. . The Scholarship is financing for the following:

1. Two students for Full Boarder (School Hostel facilities),

2. Three students Day Scholar


Want to offer Scholarship ??

The devastating earthquake badly affected the life situations of all the Nepalese people in 2015. Many people lost their life and property. They are homeless now and suffering from financial crisis. They are seeking for help. It will, therefore, be highly appreciable and valuable if you start providing scholarship from the beginning of this academic session so that they will be greatly relieved. But you can inform us from when it should be started seeing your convenience. You are requested to make the decision regarding the grades for boarders and day scholars, which will facilitate us for further perusal.

You are requested to inform us for which grade students the scholarship will be provided. We will manage for including both the girls and boys proportionately as far as possible. We will inform you after selecting the candidate for scholarship from the students of our school approaching for scholarship.

I have already resent the first document / proposal which gives you whole information regarding the grade wise fee chart of applicant. Please, refer to it for getting information about the invoice.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to receive the assurance and confirmation from you for providing the needy students studying at this school with the scholarship.

We hereby inform you that the scholarship will be managed according to the conditions mentioned below.

1. Scholarship will be given in the name of sponsors for example: ‘Sthitie Andrew Scholarship’.

2. Brief introduction of sponsors will be given while demanding the scholarship and their details will be announced publicly at the Anniversary and Parent’s day of the school.

3. The decision will be made by the school sponsorship committee under management committee for determining the grades for scholarship along with the consent of the sponsors.

4. The parents/guardians will be notified for applying for the scholarship.

5. The parents/guardians applying for the scholarship are requested to produce the recommendation letter from the respective Rural Municipality or Municipalities for justifying that they belong to economically needy people.

6. This scholarship will be applicable only in favour of the students either currently studying or interested to study at this school.

7. The parents/guardians as well as the students applying for the scholarship will be interviewed by the scholarship committee to confirm that they are deserving ones for the scholarship.

8. The educational status comprising academic results or score as well as geographical location whether remote, rural or urban will also be given due attention while taking interview . The scholarship will be provided to both the girls and boys as far as possible.

9. Regarding day scholars, the applicants will have to be able to pass the academic results, otherwise the scholarship will be transferred to other deserving candidates next to him/her.

10. Regarding boarders (Residential Students), the scholarship will be continued from grade V to X as they come from distant places. If not done so, their academic journey will be incomplete and the scholarship they have got once will not be fruitful.

11. The results of term examinations of the students getting scholarship will be sent to the sponsors along with the letter.

12. The sponsors can send the funds (money) to school in the bank account which is maintained at Agriculture Development Bank. The account number is : Nava Jyoti Secondary School

Current A/C No. 02-107-00220117-01-9

Banking Office,

Agriculture Development Bank,

Koteshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal.

13. The academic session in Nepal usually begins from mid-April. And you are hereby requested to bring this scholarship into effect from the beginning of the session i.e. mid-April of this year. If done so, the needy ones would be benefited by getting the help from the beginning of the session to give their academic journey a



Scholarship Provisions

One year Full Scholarship equivalent to tuition fees of eleven months will be awarded to the student who passes securing the highest percentage in the Final Exam of Grade XI from our school.

The Class First students from Grades Six to Ten securing A+ with highest GPA are also awarded One Term Scholarship (Three Months) in each exam whether Term or Final.

If any student (up to Grade X) stands School First obtaining A+ with highest GPA in the Annual Examination, he/she shall be granted Full Scholarship for the next academic year.

The students from Grades One to Five acquiring A+ with highest GPA in each exam whether Term or Final are also granted 50% Scholarship

Nava Jyoti Awards

NAVA Jyoti Excellence Award

1.The student who stands National Topper securing GPA 4.0 in Secondary Education Examination (SEE) shall be awarded Nava Jyoti Excellence Award worth Rs.50,000.00 and Gold Medal as scholarship for further studies.
2. The student who tops the Final Board Exam of Grade XII shall also be awarded Nava Jyoti Excellence worth Rs. 50,000.00 and a Gold Medal.

NAVA Jyoti Special Award

The student who becomes First among each batch of this school securing A+ with highest GPA in the SEE and Final Exam of Grade XII shall be awarded Nava Jyoti Special Award worth Rs. 10,000.00 and a Gold Medal.